"If the Church does not disciple the Nation, 
the Nation will disciple the Church" 

The Church in Africa has a vital message to bring to the Continent; a message that should be lived and proclaimed as a Kingdom Worldview to challenge both animistic and secular paradigms resulting in a sure and steadfast foundation upon which to build healthy and just societies and nations.  

Also representing:

Disciple Nations Alliance

Organisation: Disciple Nations Alliance
Equipping the Church to Transform the World
Link: www.disciplenations.org
Responsibility: Global Leadership Team

Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Global Network

Organisation: Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Global Network

An association of people and organizations serving impoverished communities around the world.
Link: www.chenetwork.org
Responsibility: Facilitator Sub Sahara Africa

Samaritan Strategy Africa

Organisation: Samaritan Strategy Africa

Engaged, credible local churches effecting real transformation in their communities and nations
Link: www.samaritan-strategy-africa.org
Responsibility: Coordinator Southern Africa

Churches Together

Organisation: Churches Together
Bridging Continents, Connecting Churches, Transforming Communities
Link: www.churchestogether.com
Responsibility: Coordinator Africa

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